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 Items eligible for Installation Services

Ø  LAN cabling / Upgrade to Cat 6A (10Gb)

Ø  Wireless networking

Ø  Private Video Branch Exchanges

Ø  Eligible server installations

Ø  Core routing switches

Ø  Ethernet switches

Ø  Video distribution

Ø  Fiber optic cabling

 Network infrastructure associated with the construction of new schools and/or school renovations are eligible for discounts.

 Items eligible for Basic Maintenance

Ø  DHCP Servers

Ø  Domain Name Servers

Ø  E-mail servers

Ø  Proxy servers (ISA)

Ø  Terminal servers

Ø  Web servers

Ø  Firewalls

Ø  Routers

Ø  Network electronics


Ø  Wire and cable maintenance (date drop moves, adds, and changes)

KEDC can dispatch a Technician to perform the following Basic Maintenance tasks on your Local Area Network infrastructure:

1.     Repair damaged conduits and raceways.

2.     Repair damaged fiber optic cable.

3.     Maintenance of existing technology cabling.  This includes testing and labeling of existing drops.

4.     Maintenance of video cabling systems (not used for cable TV or broadcast TV)

5.     Update MDF and IDF’s including wire management, new patch cables, labeling, etc.

KEDC utilizes a Fluke OptiView II Local Area Network Analyzer to assist our System Engineers in diagnosing problems with your LAN. The OptiView can test all facets of the network infrastructure including cabling, switches, routers, CSU/DSU, network interface cards, and wireless access points. Troubleshooting issues on your LAN with the Analyzer is considered Basic Maintenance under USF rules.

For additional information contact 
(800) 737-0204