KEDC Math Cadres
KEDC is committed to "Helping Make Our Schools Great!" Below you will find useful resources shared during KEDC Cadres sessions for improving student learning in the area of mathematics.

Math Cadre Resources 


Elementary Resources

Middle / High School Resources

October 2010 Resources​
How Big is An Inch​ The Four Conic Sections
Inch by Inch​ January 2011 Resources​
Inch by Inch Activity from Web​ Animal Bingo
My Measurements Assessment
Rulers Different 23456​ Comparison Matrix
Triathlon Hole Punch Task Card​
December 2010 Resources Hole Punch Activity​
Dec Meeting PPT​ Hole Punch Challange​
DO VO WHAT Blank Hole Punch Squares
DO VO WHAT Fly on Ceiling Cards​​
DO VO WHAT Complete Grid
DO VO WHAT ORQ Guidelines Poster Shape and Facts​
Hundred Chart Rocket Discovery​
Hundred Chart Blank​ Lg Grid​
Hundred Chart Rules Spinner Hand Foot
Page 1 Picture